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          Jiangsu Lianhong Textiles Co.,ltd  has been supplying customers worldwide with wool tops,knitting and knitwears for over 50 years.It's one of China'a leading manufacturers of cashmere yarn,wool yarn,knitwears and wool tops."Customer first,Quality foremost".

          Jiangsu Lianhong Textiles Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangjiagang City which is close to Shanghai City. The company history can be traced back to 1956 as National Enterprise.. In 2000, it was reformed to be new type corporation. Currently, it has rapidly develop to be famous textile enterprise specialized in yarn dyeing, wool tops, woven yarn, knitting yarn and knitted sweater. By the introduction of advanced techniques and equipments, such as Germany Stoll ...
          Tel: +86-512-58461988
          Fax: +86-512-58460872
          Add: No.7, Miaoqiao Renmin Road, Tangqiao Town, Zhangjiagang City,
                   Jiangsu Province, China
          P.C.: 215615
          E-mail: qhh@lianhongtex.com;lj@lianhongtex.com
          Website: http://www.ezurentals.com.cn   http://www.yarn-factory.com
            Knitwear series
            Fine men's sweaters
            Fashion ladies sweaters
            Yarn series
            Semi worsted
            Wool tops
            Xuelan fine cashmere series
            Cashmere sweater
            Cashmere shawl
            Cashmere scarf
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